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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions for our pole barn buildings designs. If you can not find you answer here, please also go to our Glossary of Terms and Definitions page.

What is a Pole Barn (or Pole Building)?

A Pole Barn (or Pole Building) is a term used for a building that uses columns made of heavy wood poles or posts that are generally embedded directly into the ground. The clear spans of pole buildings can be quite wide ranging up to 80 feet. Walls can be constructed by spanning wall girts between the posts and attaching siding to the girts with screws or nails. Purlins span the trusses and roofing material is added atop the purlins.

Pole Buildings can be agricultural buildings such as hay sheds or pole shelters, garages, commercial wharehouses, traditional barns, and even residential houses in some areas.      ^ top

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